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   Partnership to Address Violence through Education
  Are you or is someone you know being bullied?  Let us help. 

First of all, thank you....for doing the right thing; for telling us that someone is being or has been hurt. You are helping to change your school and make it a safer place!

Partnership to Address Violence through Education
is a project that is helping to make people aware of what bullying is and how much it hurts. We also want to educate people on ways to stop bullying, like telling someone, just like you are doing now. Make sure you visit some of our other pages to learn more about bullying or contact us for more information if you want to!

After we read what you have sent us, we will contact your school and work with someone on the staff there to address the problem you have told us about. We will do our best to help. If we ourselves cannot, we might go to another agency. We will not give anyone your name or code.

If you would like to know what happened, make sure you give us a way to contact you. You can also contact us again with anything else you might want to share. I hope you let us know if the problem seems to have been taken care of. Thanks again for contacting us!

PS: Please check all the information you have give us to make sure it is accurate.

Lieutenant (retired) John Reis 


Report your bullying incident here

Please fill as much of this form as you willing to share.  We of course, need your description of what happened and the name of the school, but you get to decide if you want us to know your name and contact information.


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