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"Thank you for providing such a high quality program for us in Jamestown. Our dinner conversation with parents and students received many compliments and provided an opportunity for further dialogue at home. The eighth grade class members found the week long classes beneficial. The day at Camp Davis was the highlight of our end of the year activities. We look forward to working with you again next year."  
Principal Kathy Almanzor, Jamestown Lawn Middle School.

"Thank you for providing CODAC staff with the valuable education needed to help us work with the youth in our communities. Your ability to communicate effective strategies to identify and prevent bullying was very helpful. Your clear message of using non-violent techniques was easy to absorb and I imagine will be easy to teach and implement in the various methods of counseling we employ in our agency."

John Feld
Hi John, 

I have finally had a chance to review the nursing reviews from your presentation on Sept 25, and am happy to share some comments with you.  Overall, reviews were very enthusiastic and include:
-  great video
very interesting
-  grabs your attention
-  dynamic, humorous, heart wrenching
-  excellent speaker, easily captivates audience
-  great presentation
-  engaging

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing you speak should you return to Bradley.

Joanne Johnson
In late February of 2008, the PAVE project began lesson #1 at a middle school,( 6th grade classes), in Lincoln, RI. Class #1 showed a DVD clip (Human Relations Media, Teen Truth...Bullying and School Violence) The video, extremely powerful focuses on how small sights can turn into anxiety, fear, anger, and violence.

After one of the classes, a young girl named 'Valerie' (not her real name) approached the class teacher, Mr. Manzi, with tears welling in her eyes. She told him that the video had really moved her and that she was ashamed to admit that she had been teasing and taunting another student, 'Michael' (real name not used) for quite some time. She wanted to tell 'Michael' she was sorry! The classroom teacher brought the two students together where 'Valerie' was able to tell  'Michael' how she felt, and apologized. It was, according to Mr. Manzi, an extremely powerful moment!

Our children, certainly the great majority of them, do not want to hurt others.  They just need some guidance.   PAVE is honored to give that to them!

Lt. (retired) John Reis, PAVE founder and educator


"We've looked high and low for a program that delivers the total package when it comes to bullying and student mediation. Look no further then the "PAVE Project! The beauty of this program is that they involve the entire community; parents, teachers, and students working together to solve the problems that affect our adolescents today. Great communication and enthusiasm; you couldn't ask for more!"

Bruce J. Macksoud


Lincoln Middle School



On behalf of the Homestead Group, I would like to thank you for last evening’s “bullying” presentation at Homestead Gardens.  It was an excellent turnout of parents, children, and staff—and everyone enjoyed it immensely. 

Going into the evening, I had three concerns: the first was turnout. But at 5:28 when people were pouring into every door, I knew we were OK.  The second concern was if the kids could be attentive for three hours.  The children that we support have varied disabilities, and I wasn’t sure if some of them could maintain interest. Well, thanks to the enthusiasm that you displayed, that problem never materialized. And the third concern was if the kids would participate. Again, not a problem. I was totally surprised about how many of them volunteered to role play—and even tell their personal bullying stories in front of all those people.  They participated appropriately, and engaged with you like they’d know you for years.  You have a unique talent to get kids to share, and somehow you remembered all their names! My coworkers were very impressed with the interaction.

And finally, the feedback from the families: There were a few people who had told me prior to the start, that they would have to leave around 7:30---those people ended up staying to the end so they “wouldn’t miss anything”.  Several people commented to me as they exited with genuine appreciation that this evening took place.  Again, the looks on people’s faces reflected that the event was a complete success. 

Having said all of this, I am extremely happy that it all worked out, and thankful that we had Homestead Gardens to facilitate it. I hope we can continue to have similar events in the future, and continue the ongoing task of education people about this serious subject. Thank you for what you do.

Michael Shugrue,  Coordinator, Home Based Services

Homestead Group,  Child and Family Services


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